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Album contains unofficial fan music arrangements of Touhou, Undertale, and Len’en, which belong to Team Shanghai Alice, Toby Fox, and Trick Nostalgie respectively.

Album genres (instrumental): Surf rock, film music, orchestral, jazz, disco, Atari chiptune and others

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This album is not affiliated with Team Shanghai Alice, Toby Fox, nor Trick Nostalgie. Tracks 2,3,6,8,11,13,14,15,18 composed by ZUN. Tracks 1,4,5,9, and Temmie Village composed by Toby Fox. Tracks 7,10,12 composed by JynX. Track 16 composed by J. S. Bach. Tracks 17,19 composed by Tangentg. Other tracks in the album covered by Tangentg.


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