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A collection of Touhou, Undertale, and some other music arrangements I made. Download includes liner notes. 14 tracks, all instrumentals. Genres: surf rock, swing jazz, Western, ragtime, and other. Files here are in mp3. Bandcamp version has the files in other formats.

Album contains unofficial fan music arrangements of Touhou and Undertale. Touhou and Undertale belong to Team Shanghai Alice (in collaboration with Twilight Frontier for fighting games) and Toby Fox respectively. This album is not affiliated with Team Shanghai Alice, Twilight Frontier, nor Toby Fox. Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 composed by ZUN. Track 5 composed by U2 Akiyama. Tracks 10,11 composed by Toby Fox. Tracks 12,13 composed by Tangentg. Other tracks covered by Tangentg.


Tale_of_an_Eastern_Paradise.zip 67 MB

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